I am an international student from China. It is very lucky for me to live in South Australia this beautiful place, I do love travelling around and I have already got two tours with Words on Wheels to South East Australia and Kangaroo Island, that was awesome!!! So, last week, I had my third tour with them to Outback Australia (Flinders Ranges) for three days. Let me tell my story for you.

Because we had two nights at Flinders Ranges we decided to climb a hill to watch the sunrise. Kept walking by flashlight in the dark, seated on the top ground of the mountain, enjoyed every scene with my new friend. It was an unforgettable experience in my life. I really appreciate that.

On our second day, Handsome Matt who is our driver for these three days led us to explore the diverse fauna like yellow-footed rock wallaby. They belong to the same taxonomic family as kangaroos, but I think it is cuter!

They are all naughty and hiding between the rocks so that we have to pay more attention on particular area, if something moves, it is them!! And also, we went to so many lookouts and photograph the spectacular scenes.

One more memorable thing was the camel riding. It was the first time I rode a camel, or even riding a horse.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous cause they are huge. I was worried they would drop me down if I did something wrong they might be angry. It turns out that I worried too much, my camel is a girl, she walked slowly as I expected, the only thing I need to do when riding a camel is hold on the saddle as she provided a front to back and side to side motion. I think I would kiss my camel girl if she can get her teeth brushed.

Never had such a great experience when I was in China, and so lucky that I got many friends who are from Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Really looking forwards to my next tour with Words on Wheels

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