Vinh Le

My Flinders Ranges trip was the first time I had participated in an Australian trip and traveled a long way far from the city.

Initially I was a bit nervous and not really interested. But my feeling have changed after I met friendly people on the bus and a responsible guide.

We walked, cooked, ran away from flies, took photos, gathered around the fire and watched the Milky Way.

We become more confident and responsible when helping each other. The time passes so quick, but it is enough to keep the memories inside my heart.

A trip makes changes to my life.

Peumi Peiris

Thank you for the lovely time we had at Flinders Ranges last week. It certainly was a wonderful experience to discover the history of ancient land formations in South Australia.

Please convey my appreciation to Study Adelaide for initiating and subsidising these types of tours, which we may not be able to otherwise afford as international students.

This was my third tour with Study Adelaide and just confirmed one more in December. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.