Sam Lim

I've just returned from the Yorkes tour this weekend and I would just like to say how marvellous it has been!

Truly a wonderful and magical weekend learning how to surf, catch the sunrise, gaze upon the Milky Way and have a taste of authentic barbecue meat!

Both Doug and Ricko have been absolutely wonderful, looking after everyone of us and making sure that we have a rolling good time 🙂

The surf instructors were amazing as well - am really grateful for their coaching. With their assistance, I'm really happy to have been able to stand up on the very first day and improve further on the second day! Hope you'll be able to convey my gratitude to the team who have been such lovely company the past few days.

Thank you and your team once again for giving me an unforgettable and precious experience.


I am an international student from China. It is very lucky for me to live in South Australia this beautiful place, I do love travelling around and I have already got two tours with Words on Wheels to South East Australia and Kangaroo Island, that was awesome!!! So, last week, I had my third tour with them to Outback Australia (Flinders Ranges) for three days. Let me tell my story for you.

Because we had two nights at Flinders Ranges we decided to climb a hill to watch the sunrise. Kept walking by flashlight in the dark, seated on the top ground of the mountain, enjoyed every scene with my new friend. It was an unforgettable experience in my life. I really appreciate that.

On our second day, Handsome Matt who is our driver for these three days led us to explore the diverse fauna like yellow-footed rock wallaby. They belong to the same taxonomic family as kangaroos, but I think it is cuter!

They are all naughty and hiding between the rocks so that we have to pay more attention on particular area, if something moves, it is them!! And also, we went to so many lookouts and photograph the spectacular scenes.

One more memorable thing was the camel riding. It was the first time I rode a camel, or even riding a horse.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous cause they are huge. I was worried they would drop me down if I did something wrong they might be angry. It turns out that I worried too much, my camel is a girl, she walked slowly as I expected, the only thing I need to do when riding a camel is hold on the saddle as she provided a front to back and side to side motion. I think I would kiss my camel girl if she can get her teeth brushed.

Never had such a great experience when I was in China, and so lucky that I got many friends who are from Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Really looking forwards to my next tour with Words on Wheels

Paul Leadbeter

Paul Leadbeter

Just a short note to thank you both for another very successful and smooth sailing trip. Everything went very well.

The food was excellent and Rick’s safe and careful driving as well as his cooking and overall management of the tour is much appreciated.

We have had excellent feedback from the students as well.

All the best and kind regards,

Paul Leadbeter, Adelaide Law School, The University of Adelaide

Steven Bourne

We used Jayne Vaughton of Words on Wheels for transport and Jayne went above and beyond the call of duty with the role.

Once again, with this trip, Jayne's energy enthusiasm and knowledge-both of SA and how to relate to international visitors is first class.

Can't recommend her highly enough for this kind of work.

Thanks again for the opportunity, I will forward invocies through mail for reimbursement (I hope, my own money!!)

Regards, Steven Bourne, Manager, Naracoorte Caves, World Heritage Fossil Site

Barbara Schain

I have known Jayne in a professional capacity for the past five years as she has organised tours to Kangaroo Island for our international students.
Jayne has been exceptionally consistent with:

  • the quality and high standard of her tours
  • being extremely reliable and professional in her dealings with CELUSA staff and students
  • her practical, organised and very capable approach to dealing with the management of her tours
  • her excellent knowledge in leading the tours
  • demonstrating her positive energy, enthusiasm and assistance with our students to ensure that they have a memorable experience

In summary, it is a great pleasure to know and deal with Jayne on all levels. She has made a great success of her business in our view and CELUSA would have no hesitation in highly recommending Jayne.

Barbara Schain, Study Tour Co-ordinator
CELUSA (Centre for English Language in the University of South Australia)

Dr Laura Grenfell

Dr Laura Grenfell

A big thank you for the excellent trip to the Yorke Peninsula. Ricko and Matt were amazing and made the trip really fun and also smooth sailing.
The students all appreciated the fabulous food and driving, and the local knowledge and connections.
I am keen to work with you again.

Dr Laura Grenfell
Associate Professor in Law, Associate Dean (Diversity and Inclusion),
Faculty of the Professions, The University of Adelaide


Jayne's tour to Naracoorte was one of the most 'edutaining' tours in the world.

We had so much fun and learnt a lot in the three days. Jayne cooks excellent food and has excellent interpersonal skills. She caters to all. Her bubbly personality is a great highlight of the trip. Jayne pays attention to every single detail. Be it the food she cooks for us or the places she takes us. She only gives the best.

Highly recommend her tours to all students.

Safety is a big priority for her too. She always puts on this lovely smile and has a great sense of humour too.

A tour that is worth our money. Happiness guaranteed. She cares about every single on of us, so no one felt left out. In fact we had so much camaraderie.

Her roasts and salads are to die for. Another surprise was the bananas toasted in our camp fire: it was out of this world.


Please thank your tour guides also on my behalf and keep up the good work so that Flinders University's international students continue to have the best possible experience exploring South Australia.

Klaus Koefer, Flinders University, Client Services Officer (Arrivals and Program Support)

Vinh Le

My Flinders Ranges trip was the first time I had participated in an Australian trip and traveled a long way far from the city.

Initially I was a bit nervous and not really interested. But my feeling have changed after I met friendly people on the bus and a responsible guide.

We walked, cooked, ran away from flies, took photos, gathered around the fire and watched the Milky Way.

We become more confident and responsible when helping each other. The time passes so quick, but it is enough to keep the memories inside my heart.

A trip makes changes to my life.